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I pride myself of the number of cases I keep out of surgery.

Dr. Contino

Meet Dr. Contino

Dr. Jeffrey T. Contino is a Cumberland County native with over 30 years of chiropractic experience. He opened Contino Chiropractic Center in 1987. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys golfing and spending time with family and friends. 

Education & Licensing


Doctor of Chiropractic

Logan College of Chiropractic


New Jersey Licensure

Additional Honors

Chiropractc Consultant

State Farm, United Review Services, Statewide Chiropractic, Healthlines, National Claims, Northeast Meds., Allstate, CNA, MDA, Hanover, Amgro


American Chiropractic Association, Foundation of Chiropractic Medicine and Research 

Honorary Member

Medico-Legal Consultants

Master's Certification

Spinal Impairment Rating 


Independent Medical Examiner

Kinesiology Taping
Leg Injury
Orthopedic Insoles
X-Ray Results
Osteopath at Work
Ankle Measurement
Joint Pain
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